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Prom baby!

Prom Prom Prom!

So my prom was on Friday and well… i have mixed feelings about it. It cost me £30 for the ticket and it was not worth it for the money. It wasn’t really prom, being in the UK and all. It was Dinner and Dance.

Lets start from the start. we left school at 2:00 in the afternoon. this gave me enough time to shower before another 20 minute drive to the next town where my friend lives where we were going to get ready. My makeup was at 3:45 and finished at 5:00. took so long but hey Im a teenager and I  have acne My hair took another 45 mins because dear Meg was lovely and did the hair so quickly. to say the least we were late. the traffic wa hell and we arrived half an hour after the supposedly arrival time.

The boys killed the entrances again. Unicycles came out and motorcycles. We were in a lovely jaguar. Most girls hired a limo. A lot got dropped off by parents. I think there was a partybus at one point.

The rest of the night was filled with festivities of the school. Y’know the awards and stuff. We don’t have a prom king and queen and stuff but we had a ROMEO AND JULIET award. The food was mediocre. the dancing only lasted 45 mins. To be honest it was so hyped that most people were disappointed.

The after party happened in my house and I realised I have the most interesting of friends. Im not using their real names just ’cause I haven’t asked their permissions. There was Jonathan who was the mommy of the group. he never drank alcohol before but my mum managed to convince his mum to let him drink. He took care of all us. He even got a wooden spoon out to either stop us drinking or forced us to drink some water or coffee to sober us all up. Then there was Danny who just drank and drank and was slightly buzzed but essentially he was pretty sane. He spent most of the night taking care of the other two boys. Jim who was quiet the whole time but according to Danny was tipsy. He just knew. Then there was the biggest lightweigth in the world, Randy. He had 7 glasses of vodka and coke and he was pissed to ay the least. His phone was taken off him, turts me drunk texting when he jus broke up with his girlfriend the night before is  not a good thing.

Then there was us girls, Clary the heavy drinker, my bestfriend, who my mum believes need to be taught on how to say thank you and frankly my dad doesn’t like her. Then Tanith, who is probably the most sensible girl you will ever meet in your life but my god she can giggle in such a high pitch that it became hilarious. And me. The giggly buzzed girl. Let’s just say Danny and I were the most sober ones for the night. You might say its Jonathan but he doesn’t count. He was hyper from the Fanta.:P