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The four letter word called STRESS

Ugh just hearing the word makes me want to puke! Okay so exams are close… Errr… Two weeks. Ugh. I’ve revised for the god knows how long but I still don’t remember anything. It’s hopeless really. Anyways. One word takes over any teens life during exams and that is STRESS.

So we get given these talks in school about how to manage stress; y’know the usual. Breathe in. Breathe out. Exercise. Take a break. Eat healthily. Y’know them telling me to exercise and teaching me how to breathe just to get rid of stress is making me stressed.

I have 14 exams woohoo and all the ridiculously hard one (sciences and English lit.) are before half term. What’s even worst study leave is a week after our exams started. (Round of applause for the genius who decided that).

So I think I’m stressed. I mean I just snapped at my mum and told her to go away ‘cus she was planning to watch TV ‘cus y’know it was only 9:00 in the evening. I seem to have all the symptoms of stress. Insomnia. Stomach aches. Neck pain ( I feel like an old woman for complaining about neck pains but seriously I could click them now 😮 so unladylike like of you) and everything else. Ugh. Even coffee I drink now. I used to hate coffee now I run on it.

To be honest I think I’m just ridiculously stressed is because of my family’s financial problems. I mean its not major or anything but a girl has to worry about her family. Anyways people I need to study about… Erm…. Kidney dialysis and lenses. Jeez we’re only 15 take it easy on us.


Take Two!


So I used to write a blog then all hell broke loose, just kidding, it was only me growing up and being a teenager. 😛 well kinda. You see I entered Year 11 and all the teachers were like, you have to study to get all the A*s you want. An A is not good enough for you! imagine that in a teacher ish voice

So take two baby! I really hope I can keep this up. This page will most likely be my little journal. The daily goings on in my life, books I’ve read, films I have seen etc etc.

So little things about me:
I’m turning 16 in 4 weeks!!!
I like most types of music kpop
I like to shop
I like makeup
I change my celebrity every 2 months (currently its Jamie Campbell Bower JohannaSweeney Todd reference for anyone who didn’t understand that and also TOP from bigbang cus he’s just hot and my asian side is calling for him)
I’m short like really short
I live in ENGLAND! it’s MIRACULOUSLY sunny at the moment
Ermmmm….. I’m sure there are another millions of things about me but I simply too lazy meh can’t list all of ’em ‘cus y’know it will take ages.